Fast and Easy way to find wallpapers for your Android Honeycomb tablet

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Although this how-to is meant for Android Honeycomb tablets with a screen resolution 1280×800 pixels, you can apply the same steps for tablets with other screen resolutions, just change the image size. See notes below the steps on how to calculate the proper size for you device.


  • Open the browser on your tablet
  • Go to
  • In the search bar enter what you want to find
    (i.e. “Abstract wallpaper“) and tap “Search
  • On the results page on the left side under “Any size“,
    tap on “Exactly…
  • Enter 1920 for Width and 1280 for Height
  • Tap “Search” button under the size text fields
  • Tap on an image that you like
  • Tap on “See full size image” link next to the thumbnail preview,
    this will open full image
  • Once the image is loaded on the screen,
    tap and hold for 2 sec until a menu pops up on screen
  • Select “Set as wallpaper

Calculating wallpaper image size

For tablets with Android Honeycomb (3.0 and above)

  • Width: Multiply the width of your screen by 1.5 (ex. if your screen resolution is 800×600, then multiply 800x1.5 to get 1200)
  • Height: Use the width of your screen as the height

For tablets and phones with Android 2.3 and below

  • Width: Multiply the width of your screen by 2 (ex. if your screen resolution is 480×800, then multiply 480x2 to get 960)
  • Height: Use the height of your screen (ex if your screen resolution is 480×800, use 800)

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