We’ve chosen Corona SDK for our debut game

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We’ve been working on out first game for a few months now. So far we’ve been focusing on the iOs platform only, and only talking about android release sometime after the iOs version is out. Today we’ve decided to port our game to the Corona SDK and publish it on both platform simultaneously.

Why did we decide to scrap months of work and start over?

  • Marketing dollars – instead of marketing the game on two platforms separately, we can do it at the same time
  • Momentum – word of mouth dictates that downloads on one platform will possibly translate into downloads on the other
  • Maintenance - we’d rather be working on the next game, than debugging two separate platforms
  • Laziness - Corona SDK has a lot of modules already built in, ie Facebook, OpenFeint

We’re a small company and need to stretch our dollars as far as we can, and we strongly believe that a multi-platform solution like Corona SDK will be a great asset in our arsenal.

If you’re curious about Corona SDK here’s Seb making an Angry Birds clone in 30 minutes:)

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